Whale Watching

Whale watching Mirissa, Sri Lanka

whale-wathcingwe use new trimaran for whale watching which can take 80 people comfortably,observation deck provides you better sightings

  • Starts : 7am
  • Tour Time : 3-5 Hours
  • Breakfast/Water Included
  • 80 Seats/ Observation deck
  • Sanitary facilities on board
  • GPS Navigation,Radio,Life jackets
  • Certified by Sri Lanka Insurance,Sri lanka Tourist Board,Sri Lanka Wild Life Department

The island of Sri Lanka has long been a hotspot for whales and dolphins, in 1979 a part of Indian Ocean in which the country is situated was declared as a protected zone by the International Whaling Commission. The 27 species of cetaceans including the common blue whales, sperm whales, killer whales, dwarf whales, melon headed whales as well as the elusive blue whales haunt the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal.
Dolphin and Whale watching is not a seasonal activity in Sri Lanka.
If the sea is optimum for travel you can see whales and dolphins around the island at any time.
The growing popularity of whale watching holidays is down to the thrill of open sea, spectacular scenery and the magnificent whales.

For the past three decades efforts have been made to boost the whale watching activity in Sri Lanka. Whale watching is a truly amazing adventure, enjoyable yet educational. A once in a life time experience that provides opportunity to see different species of whales concentrated in a particular area, mother and calves or whole families at play. Whale spotting is an art of its own, in which patience and keenness in scanning the open sea is needed. Identifying the whale species is such a big challenge to the watchers,due to the submerged parts of the body. The shape of the tails fins or flukes and dorsal fins as well as the general body shape helps in distinguishing the species.


Whale watching has been recognized as an imperative way to strength cetacean conservation. A good whale watching trip treats the whales and other species being watched with care and respect. As a respect to whales and their environment specialist whale watching companies rigorously follow guidelines, support local communities and promote conservation and protection.

Mirissa – Deep South Coast

Mirissa is the most reliable site in the world for seeing the difficult and desired Blue Whale. It may also be the best place for seeing Sperm Whales. Large Baleen Whales and Toothed Whales also come within sight of the shore.

Seeing a Blue Whale during April can be almost guaranteed. Due to the calm seas between December and April, there is an outstanding window of opportunity for observing Blue Whales and Sperm Whales close to shore. Marine biologists believe that sightings have peaks in December and April because of a migration of whales between the Bay Of Bengal and the Arabian Sea that takes them near the shores of Sri Lanka.

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 Note : Whale Watching at Mirissa can be easily arranged as a day trip from all resorts of the South West Coast – although an early start may be required. Mirissa is only about 30 minutes from resorts near to Galle.