• Live Whale and Dolphin Sighting Map


    Pacific Whale Foundation Eco-Adventure tours are used to gather research data about marine wildlife in the inter-island region between Maui, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe and Molokai. During our eco-tours, our naturalists gather scientific data about marine wildlife that we encounter.

    Smartphones allow our team to instantly upload data to our research database using our exclusive Whale and Dolphin Tracker web-application. With over nine vessels and more than fifteen whalewatch cruises daily during the winter, we spend an extensive amount of time on the ocean.

    Our Whale and Dolphin Tracker data are recorded in real time. We display below a map of all sightings within the last seven days.

    Learn more about our Whale and Dolphin Tracker.

    Map Legend
    Blue dot = whale sighting
    White dot = dolphin sighting
    Click on sighting location to view details about each sighting.

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