• Crocodile watching Matara

    crocodiles-photo_4361944-fit468x296Matara is the easiest place in Sri Lanka , where you get to observe both species of crocodiles existing in the country. A vast concentration of estuarine crocodiles live in the lagoon areas and in the estuary of the Nilwala river , while the mugger or the freshwater crocodile dwells in the upper regions of the Nilwala River.

    The estuarine crocodile is the largest reptile alive today. The male of the species, grows to a length of seven metres and can weigh around 1200 kg, with the female much smaller in comparison at around three metres in length.

    The female crocodile digs a hole in the sand several metres away from the water, lays around fifty eggs and provides protection to the nest by ensuring she stays close to the vicinity. When its time for the eggs to hatch, she is on hand to lend a helping hand to the newborns by carrying them to the water and also providing Motherly care until they are able to fend for themselves.

    Despite all this attention and care by the mother, the percentage of survival of these baby crocodiles is very sparse as they not only fall prey to turtles and other large fish but also to the adult male crocodiles who hunt them down to protect their own territory .

    • After lunch proceed to Matara -Nilwala River for evening safari.
    • Time 2.30p.m. is best.
    • Life Jacket and water bottle will be provided for each person.
    • Around 1.5 hours boat safari tour.
    • Maximum 6 persons , boat with standard safety features.


    Above packages exclusive transport. We will send a vehicle to your place after the confirmation. You have to bare the transportation cost as well.




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