• WDC joins protest against ship-to-ship oil transfers in Scotland12 December 2016 – 11:43am

    WDC joins protest against ship-to-ship oil transfers in Scotland12 December 2016 – 11:43am

    Hundreds of protesters gathered over the weekend in Nairn to campaign against new plans for ship-to-ship oil transfers in the Moray Firth.

    Groups from both sides of the Firth, including WDC, met at Nairn central beach to voice their opposition to Cromarty Firth Port Authority’s request for a licence to begin the transfer millions of tonnes of crude oil at sea.

    WDC believes that these oil transfers would pose serious risk to wildlife in the area, and the resident population of bottlenose dolphins in particular.
    Corky the orca completes 47th year in captivity

    9 December 2016 – 3:01pm

    This weekend (Sunday 11th) marks 47 years that the longest held captive orca Corky, has been kept confined in a tank. Corky was taken from her family in the wild in 1969 when she was only about four years old. She remains one of only a few wild-caught individuals still alive and the only Northern Resident left in captivity.

    Good news for WDC dolphin hunt campaign

    9 December 2016 – 2:48pm

    We have received another boost to our campaign to stop airlines transporting dolphins around the world and fueling the captivity industry.

    Air India has joined the growing list of major airlines that have now confirmed to us that they will not carry live dolphins taken from cruel hunts in Japan on their aircraft.
    NGOs call for UK to defend nature as EU saves its flagship legislation

    7 December 2016 – 5:43pm

    Following an 18 month campaign run by environmental and wildlife organisations across Europe – and a public consultation with a record 550,000 respondents – European Commissioners today decided to save the EU’s flagship environment legislation; the Birds and Habitats Directives.
    Yogscast Christmas Jingle Jam raises $1m in first five days

    7 December 2016 – 11:03am

    The 2016 Yogscast Christmas Jingle Jam has had an amazing start with over $1 million being raised in just the first five days.

    The UK-based YouTube gaming sensations have over 7 million subscribers and during the holiday season they like to give a little back to the world for letting them play video games for a living.
    Government Actions Will Harm Endangered Southern Resident orcas

    3 December 2016 – 6:12pm

    Recent government actions in the Pacific Northwest are moving projects forward that would significantly harm the critically endangered Southern Resident orca community that lives off the western coasts of Canada and the United States.
    Captive dolphin park to be sued following dolphin death

    2 December 2016 – 3:52pm

    Aicko, a young male dolphin held captive in a marine park in the North-West of France, has passed away.

    Aicko, who was six, was often kept isolated in a tank and animal rights groups are now preparing to sue the park on the grounds of animal abuse.

    Despite the park’s officials stating that Aicko died of an illness, reports have surfaced recently that claim he was becoming more and more distressed after being taken away from his mother and moved from Parc Astérix to Planète Sauvage in January 2015.
    WDC supports new app to record endangered dolphin sightings in New Zealand

    30 November 2016 – 11:56am

    WDC has helped to develop a new app that will allow members of the public to record sightings of the endangered New Zealand dolphin. As the name suggests, these dolphins are only found in New Zealand and consist of two sub-species – Hector’s dolphin and the highly endangered Māui dolphin.

    Mother of captive beluga whale dies days after death of her calf

    28 November 2016 – 11:20am

    Aurora, a beluga whale kept captive at the Vancouver Acquarium in Canada since 1990 has died just days after her calf passed away suddenly.

    The Vancouver Parks Board has said that the deaths are a turning point and that it is time to take stock on any future decision to continue to keep whales at the facility.

    Aurora’s death took place shortly after her calf, Qila – the first beluga whale to be born in captivity in Canada, died earlier in the week at the age of 21.

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