Whales watching Safari Mirissa

Whales Whating safari Mirissa

Mrissa Whales Safari

The island of Sri Lanka has long been a hotspot for whales and dolphins, in 1979 a part of Indian Ocean in which the country is situated was declared as a protected zone by the International Whaling Commission.

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Not only we offer whale watches through whale watching safari. We are facilitating round tours as well. Click here to check out the following tabs under Trips for details. We would love to arrange your entire photography tour in Sri Lanka for your convenience.

Captain's Blog

Since long before whale watching gained the enormous popularity it boasts today, Captain Dilushan caring for whales defined the character of our whale watching business. We have had an amazing climate so far...

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Whales watching safari tour belongs to an extensive Whale Spotting Network, a coalition of fishermen, Whale Watching Companies, land-based spotters, and whale enthusiasts.

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